Who we are and what we do

The future of the places lies in the connection between personal and civil actions. To avoid closed-mindedness and the stagnation of residences, places must be lived with both intimacy and distance. This is true for the citizens and all the more necessary for the public administration.
Local competence and external contributions must be interwoven; just like politics and poetry, economy and culture, care and utopia.

Franco Arminio



Amigdala is an artistic collective and a cultural association active in the fields of contemporary performing arts, urban recovery and social innovation in Modena, Italy.

Amigdala creates multidisciplinary art productions that blend performances, visual arts, sound research and writing with a strong connection with the venues they are situated in and its present or former inhabitants. Amigdala’s works aim at changing the audience’s perceptions of the place and setting up mechanisms for involving the audience in a radical yet gentle way.

From 2008 Amigdala is responsible for the Periferico festival dedicated to the connections between performing arts, site-specific productions, local communities and urban fabric. The festival involves artists, curators, theoricians from Italy and from different countries.

From 2017 Amigdala directs OvestLab (in collaboration with Modena Municipality), a multidisciplinary cultural centre that works as a “civic factory” to support processes of collective re-immagination of the city.

Amigdala’s work activates several layers: soundscapes creation and original dramaturgy, public history and anthropology, urban crossing and landscape.


From left: Meike Clarelli, Sara Garagnani, Federica Rocchi and Gabriele Dalla Barba

From left: Meike Clarelli, Sara Garagnani, Federica Rocchi and Gabriele Dalla Barba

Federica Rocchi (founder)

artistic director and executive director

She is project manager e theatre curator. She founded Amigdala in 2005 at age 25 and she is director of Periferico Festival since 2008. For more than 10 years she worked as actress for well know companies such as Societas Raffaello Sanzio and she created her own productions as director.

She has been working with Laminarie theatre company in Bologna from 2002 to 2016 as project manager and co-director of theatre DOM la cupola del Pilastro, situated in the suburb area of Pilastro (UBU prize for local development in 2012).

She has a strong experience in the fields of urban regeneration and temporary re-uses.

Meike Clarelli

artistic director, music composer, vocal researcher

She is a musician, vocal researcher and singer. She has a strong experience in the social field as operator at Anti-Violence Centre for Women in Modena.

She is founder and singer of music group La Metralli and director of female chorus Le chemin des femmes. She teaches singing and music through an original method she created called Sensitive Singing.

www.lametralli.com | http://www.lechemindesfemmes.org

Gabriele Dalla Barba

producer, assistant to the executive, writer, artist

He is dramaturg, curator, individual coach in a psychoanalytical perspective, author of contemporary installations and performances that blend creative writing with contemporary arts.

Since 2004 he carries out a psychoanalytical training at Lacan School of Psychoanalysis in Padova directed by Ettore Perrella, trying to link it with arts and literature.

From 2002 to 2016 he partecipated in the creation of more than 15 artworks in the fields of theatre, dance, installation arts as dramaturg and curator.

Sara Garagnani

communication and marketing, illustrator and visual artist

She is art director and illustrator and she has worked for over 10 years in a communication agency as art director. She graduated in Economy Studies, advertising e brand strategy in UK. She has a strong experience as communicator Manager for several cultural organizations expecially in the field of contemporary theatre.

She also creates original illustration (Silver Medal 2016 for Italian Illustrators Association), animated movies, graphic novels.


Silvia Tagliazucchi

Architect, civic designer, community manager, assistant to the executive

PhD at University of Bologna in Urban Morphology. She is an architect with a strong focus on the study of the relationship between people and architecture, and how the physical and qualitative dimension of spaces influence human well-being. She carries out such researches both on the academic side and through practical applications in participatory projects both in Italy and Europe.




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Periferico Festival is organised each year in a different location, and a peculiar feature of the festival is that it takes place in non-theatrical and unusual urban spaces of the city, blighted areas or public sites which are not enhanced within the urban territory, whose use is discussed and negotiated with public institutions and private citizens, according to the spot selected.

Discover Periferico Festival here.