Ovestlab project


OvestLab is one of the dismissed workshops of the area of the Villaggio Artigiano in the west side of Modena.

It is an area created in the mid-50s from an audacious political intuition during the socio-economical situation after the Second World War. It was the first model of industrial area in Italy: an area that sits in-between the city and the countryside, and that ties together life and work, know-how and industry, production chain and local community.



OvestLab project aims to be a connection between different artistic disciplines, artisan productions, urban regeneration and citizens involvement. It is a multicultural center where training activities, artistic production, civic experimentation, urban transformation and buildings’ heritage are interlinked, and activate new dynamics to increase the territorial quality of life and to restart a dialogue with the different territorial realities in the changing process.

Amigdala aims at creating permanent processes in the area, in the form of workshops and experimental project through artistic productions, creative residences, cultural calendars, publishing initiatives, training session, to foster new considerations on abandoned spaces – their role and their new possible identities.

Artisan Village area in Modena

Re-activating a former mechanical workshop
–characterized by a strong artisanal vocation–
fully complies with Amigdala’s goals
to interweave every form of manual work
and artistic experimentation.