Call for “Dawns”


In a historical moment in which people increasingly feel like passive spectators of the regression of the democratic and civil values of our European identity, we feel the urgency to reaffirm the importance of symbolic acts and of the role of artistic practices in community empowerment.
We are looking for partners to join us.



is a work-in-progress project that the Amigdala Collective of Modena (Italy) is building for the Creative Europe Call (Small Scale Projects) with the aim of sharing a path of artistic research with some European partners on the issues of waking, night, duration, resistance, alliance and sharing.
We think of it as a process able to intertwine and combine practices of participated art with the involvement of local communities and of an international network.

The “outcome” of the project will be to create a poetic vigil that takes place simultaneously in several countries, symbolically affirming the artistic and cultural resistance of the communities involved.
The actions that will be part of the project and that will progressively build this outcome will involve: residencies (cross-residencies), laboratories, networking and exchange of practices of the participated artistic processes put into place.

The main objective of the Dawns is to actively involve some local communities, and in particular the younger ones, in an act of thought on the ability of art to act as spokesperson for concrete actions in civil society.

Dawns intends to produce a symbolic and at the same time real act that involves the European and non-European citizens who intend to “resist the night” and to await the arrival of dawn together.

The process would take place in 2019/20 and the outcome (performing night) would be in spring/summer 2020.
The deadline for applying is November 10th, 2018 (as the final deadline is December 10th).



We would like to meet exceptional work experiences and practices in the fields of public art or participated art, community dramaturgy, territorial activation, urban recovery in any European country.

We would like to involve partners with a solid expertise in the involvement of local communities in their artistic processes – and who are willing and available for an exchange of practices with similar experiences.

We would like to find partners who share our own desire to put in place concrete actions against the violence and the barbarism of the present time and who have a desire to put their expertise at stake. We are looking for partners willing to enter from the planning phase and that are able to co-finance the project.



  1. Actions of transnational mobility on participated art and community dramaturgy.
  2. Regular meetings with the partners for an exchange of best practices and an active debate on audience development.
  3. Regular networking on the methods applied by each partner and on the practices of community involvement in use during the artistic processes. Skype conferences, mail.
  4. Cross-residencies and labs working on and with the local communities.
  5. Production and construction of the poetic vigil for next stages of work.
  6. Documentation of the whole process, of its SWAT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and its outcomes.



In 2017 and 2018 we have worked on a new artistic production which ended up with a vocal performance for one night we called “Elementare” (elemental).
During the process and after those long performing nights we realized how much we all need to go back to real “sharing” and how much sometimes we all need to wake up and to remember we can actually react.

Elementare is a temporary bonding between the audience and the artists, called to share together the duration of the night. In a space equipped for sleeping, a temporary community arises from the desire to live together an unknown space, a momentary lapse expanding throughout the hours of the night. A chant to the night, to the time of suspension and subversion, a celebration of the wait where the dawn becomes a symbol of crossing. Six voices slowly consuming, a presence without definite boundaries between artists and audience, words that turn into declamations, silences, lists, echoes: these are the primary elements through which a shared poetic space is fabricated. While a vocabulary slowly arises, almost in the form of a community prayer; while a symbolic fire lightens up the space between “us” and “them”, Elementare gives voice to the desire of declaring: we are here. What drives us to sing throughout the night? The risk, the length, the effort, the accord that precedes agreement , an invisible thread, the gathering, the transformation, the hospitality, the wait, the awakening, and the silence.



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